No, we haven’t been idle at CSP Central

If CSPs have been feeling unloved by CSP Central lately, it’s all been in a good cause.  We’ve been working very hard on helping telcos to deal with the new 2012 Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code with its 1 September launch date.

This Code is so big a deal that we’ve dedicated a website to it …

So head over to the TCP Code site for the info you need on this important new law.


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Computers Now gets software return policy wrong

After PC discounter MSY was stung a whopping $203,500 for misrepresenting consumer warranty rights, we expected that the tech industry would have reviewed their terms with a legal microscope.  

Not so, it seems … as we discovered when we were about to make a purchase from leading Apple vendor Computers Now.

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ACCC declares Telstra Wholesale DSL

The ACCC has this evening announced that it has ‘declared’ Telstra wholesale ADSL services under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

The effect of the ACCC’s decision will be that Telstra’s wholesale customers will now be able to better compete with Telstra’s retail product offering.

The declaration is an interim access determination (which applies for the next 12 months) pending the completion of the ACCC’s final access determination.

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Over to you, ACMA … Comms Alliance finalises proposed TCP Code (and we show what’s changed)

In 2011, ACMA pressured the telco industry to get its act together on how customers are treated.  After extended drafting and consultation phases, Comms Alliance has submitted an aggressive new TCP Code to ACMA for registration.  The question is now: Is the new draft code tough enough for ACMA?

As CSP Central has previously explained, ACMA and ACCC are not falling over themselves to approve the Alliance’s work.
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Exetel CEO John Linton dies

Exetel’s CEO John Linton died yesterday, and CSP Central joins with the telco industry in acknowledging his contribution to the sector.

Opinionated, outspoken, uncompromising and unrelenting, Linton was never reticent in letting the rest of us know what he thought.  But love or hate some of his opinions, he built a successful telco (with a fiercely loyal staff and customer base) in remarkably quick time, contributed to debate at many levels, and was a major benefactor of Australia’s wildlife and environment through Exetel’s generous donations to community-based programs to protect endangered species and regenerate natural environments.

Exetel’s slogan … ‘Helping make a better world’ … would be corny in the mouths of most other telcos.  But Linton meant it and lived it.

Linton suffered a major stroke in the afternoon and passed away during the evening, surrounded by family.

Vale, JL.

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Draft TCP Code takes a beating

The jungle drums are sending negative messages about the new TCP Code proposed by Communications Alliance.  If the rumours are correct, ACMA is on the verge of refusing to register the draft Code, opting for more aggressive legislative regulation of the telco industry instead.

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Mythbuster: ‘Entire agreement’ clauses lock out misrepresentation claims

People are often confused about the effect of clauses that say ‘You acknowledge that we have made no other promises or representations to you.’

Often you see such clauses quoted in support of an argument that a claim for misrepresentation cannot succeed where a contract contains this clause.

But that ain’t necessarily so.  In fact, it ain’t even normally so.

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CSP Central Update

Happy New Year!

We are currently working on a new and improved CSPCentral and hope to relaunch during 2012.

Feel free to contact us with any queries.

Best Wishes

The CSPCentral Team

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ACCC takes aim at mobile internet

The ACCC has announced the launch of an Information Paper entitled “Mobile and Other Wireless Internet Speed Claims and the Trade Practices Act 1974”.

The Information Paper has been developed to assist ISPs and Telcos in ensuring that their advertising for mobile and wireless internet is compliant with the Trade Practices Act 1974, and in particular the consumer protection provisions such as s52.

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ACCC executes perfect hit on Telstra, Optus and Vodafone

obeyAfter months of secret negotiations, Telstra, Optus & Voda have rolled over and ‘offered’ ACCC a court enforceable undertaking … equivalent to court injunctions … to stamp out false advertising in the broadband and telephony industry.

When legal advisers warn second and third tier telcos and ISPs about advertising content, the single most common retort is ‘Telstra gets away with it’ and ‘We saw an Optus ad like that’ and ‘But Voda says the same thing’.

It’s a pretty good argument.  If the giants can do it, why can’t we ?

No mistake, this is the biggest telco-truth-in-advertising hit ever landed by the national regulator.  Like all good commando raids, it seemed to come from nowhere.  Only yesterday morning did rumours start to circulate that ‘something big’ was coming out of Canberra in the next 24 hours.

If Tiers 2, 3 & 4 don’t get their act together now, they can’t complain they’re being picked on.  And ACCC has made sure that Telstra, Optus & Voda are motivated to keep their networks honest.

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