Test yourself: How far back can a telco or ISP back bill ?

1124434_timesHow far back can a CSP go in billing charges after the billing period in which they were incurred ?

Clue … there’s a Communications Alliance Code that’s relevant, and a TIO policy.


  • Your main obligation is to try and get all current charges onto the current bill – see clause 6.5.4(a) of the Comms Alliance Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code.
  • But the TCP Code does allow a CSP to bill charges up to 190 days after they were incurred by the customer – see clause 6.5.4(d) of the Code.
  • White Pages directory charges are a special case.  They can be billed up to 220 days after the directory’s public closing date – clause 6.5.4(e) of the Code.
  • And the TIO won’t necessarily argue with late charges for mobile roaming calls and international reverse charge calls.  According to its policy:

These types of calls are not limited to any backbilling period because the Australian carrier is unable to force a foreign carrier to bill for charges within the 190-day period. … When handling complaints that involve these exceptions, the TIO will judge each case on its merits.

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Peter Moon is a commercial lawyer with 20 years experience in the tech and telco industries.
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