TPG corrects advertising (again)

tpg-stationeryLast November, we showed why a featured promo on TPG’s web site didn’t comply with advertising laws.  Not long after, the advert was fixed.

In December, we picked up another TPG home page blooper.  Again, it’s been repaired.

Maybe somebody at TPG is reading CSP Central.  :-)

The December issue was a pair of offers in Flash that cycled every three seconds.  Unless you were a speed reader, with great concentration at that, there was no way you’d appreciate all the small print in either ad.

Fortunately, TPG has banished the flashing Flash and substituted a plain, readable single offer.


No commentary required here, except that flashing Flash might look good, but it’s not a good look legally for making disclaimers clear and understandable.

About Peter Moon

Peter Moon is a commercial lawyer with 20 years experience in the tech and telco industries.
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