TPG breaches new price advertising law

goof25 May 2009 and a new price advertising law takes effect.  29 May 2009 and TPG’s web site is in breach.

When will they ever learn ?

The new law

It’s called ‘section 53C’ of the Trade Practices Act.  Basically, it says that any consumer advertisement that mentions any part of the price must also prominently state the whole of the price.

We reported the new law before it arrived.

TPG’s breach

Here’s what you’ll find today on the TPG home page:




The total price for this service isn’t stated at all. 

Now, we agree that a web ad can satisfy the law by including the necessary total price on a hyperlinked ‘landing page’.  We think a web ad and its direct link are conceptually equivalent to the front and back sides of a paper flyer. 

But does the hyperlinked landing page state the total price ?  Nope.  Maybe it’s somewhere else on the TPG site but if so, it fails the ‘prominence’ test required by the law.

About Peter Moon

Peter Moon is a commercial lawyer with 20 years experience in the tech and telco industries.
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