Exetel CEO John Linton dies

Exetel’s CEO John Linton died yesterday, and CSP Central joins with the telco industry in acknowledging his contribution to the sector.

Opinionated, outspoken, uncompromising and unrelenting, Linton was never reticent in letting the rest of us know what he thought.  But love or hate some of his opinions, he built a successful telco (with a fiercely loyal staff and customer base) in remarkably quick time, contributed to debate at many levels, and was a major benefactor of Australia’s wildlife and environment through Exetel’s generous donations to community-based programs to protect endangered species and regenerate natural environments.

Exetel’s slogan … ‘Helping make a better world’ … would be corny in the mouths of most other telcos.  But Linton meant it and lived it.

Linton suffered a major stroke in the afternoon and passed away during the evening, surrounded by family.

Vale, JL.

About Peter Moon

Peter Moon is a commercial lawyer with 20 years experience in the tech and telco industries.
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