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ACMA issues ByteCard compliance warning

Canberra ISP ByteCard has received  a formal warning from ACMA for failing to comply with the TIO Scheme. The warning comes after disputes were alleged to have remained unresolved, as a consequence of this ISP’s refusal to comply with the … Continue reading

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Getting up to speed on ACMA’s VoIP positions

In April 2008, ACMA announced a ‘new approach’ to VoIP regulation. The ‘new approach’ is to start explaining, then enforcing, the current laws that apply to VoIP telephony services.   Peter Moon has prepared a ‘least you need to know’ guide.

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iiNet gets its CSG waiver wrong

Even though a customer has pointed out a clear defect in iiNet’s form of CSG waiver, the company hasn’t realised its waiver is probably invalid.

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