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Complaint handling: Lessons for CSPs

The TIO recently released its complaints data for the December 2008 quarter, which identifies problem areas for ISPs and telcos – one of those is complaint handling. The report is a good opportunity to review what’s required of CSPs by … Continue reading

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ACMA issues ByteCard compliance warning

Canberra ISP ByteCard has received  a formal warning from ACMA for failing to comply with the TIO Scheme. The warning comes after disputes were alleged to have remained unresolved, as a consequence of this ISP’s refusal to comply with the … Continue reading

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TIO: A level playing field ?

With the economy stalling, some customers are turning to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) to escape their contract obligations to telcos and ISPs.  Against that pressure, the TIO needs care to remain the independent dispute resolution organisation its charter requires. Obviously … Continue reading

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Pulling the plug on features: Understand your risks

Optus and Crazy John’s have delivered unwelcome Christmas news to many customers.  Features are being withdrawn from plans, at the same time as Optus’ web site proclaims it is ‘delivering more this season’. Almost every internet and phone contract says … Continue reading

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Mythbuster: Communications Alliance Codes aren’t ‘the law’

There’s a myth around that industry codes, formerly known as ACIF Codes but these days generated by the Communications Alliance, are merely voluntary.  They are not ‘the law’. This myth is based on a misunderstanding of the process behind codes … Continue reading

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TIO – Tricks of the trade: Part 2

We learned how to approach and assess a TIO complaint in the first part of this series. in this second part, we look at how to effectively respond to the TIO and achieve the best outcomes. In the first part … Continue reading

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Peer to Peer – More than just piracy

The increasing use of peer to peer software is creating more than just a piracy problem. The use of UDP by P2P can generate new network management and legal issues for ISPs.

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TIO – Tricks of the trade

Dealing with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (‘TIO’) can be a long and arduous task, but it doesn’t have to be.  With the right approach you can achieve successful outcomes. As the telco industry well knows, customers will regularly contact the … Continue reading

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TIO goes overboard with sales records policy

TIO’s new sales record keeping policy is heavily biased towards consumers. Continue reading

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