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Web Ace aced by ACMA

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has flexed its Telecommunications Act muscles against ISP Web Ace, directing it to comply with the billing rules under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code. Web Ace is the trading name of Jason Kenneth McKay … Continue reading

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TIO: A level playing field ?

With the economy stalling, some customers are turning to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) to escape their contract obligations to telcos and ISPs.  Against that pressure, the TIO needs care to remain the independent dispute resolution organisation its charter requires. Obviously … Continue reading

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Internet Filtering: A contradiction

Despite mounting pressure from the Telco / ISP industry, the Federal Government is pushing forward with its intended internet filtering trials. The Communications Minister Senator Conroy has recently called for ISPs to volunteer for internet filtering trials, that may lead … Continue reading

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Targeted advertising: privacy debate heats up

Under the headline ‘Doubts rise over ISP ad targeting’, theage.com.au has reported a major groundswell of resistance to new technologies from companies like NebuAd, Phorm and Front Porch. The systems offer ISPs ‘free money’ for facilitating targeted advertising using analysis … Continue reading

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ISPs and copyright enforcement – let’s remember the facts

International copyright owners are calling on Aussie ISPs to support a UK-style self-regulatory scheme for disciplining alleged copyright breachers. But the scheme is at odds with the US approach to the same problem, and Australia four years ago decided to follow … Continue reading

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