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ACCC executes perfect hit on Telstra, Optus and Vodafone

After months of secret negotiations, Telstra, Optus & Voda have rolled over and ‘offered’ ACCC a court enforceable undertaking … equivalent to court injunctions … to stamp out false advertising in the broadband and telephony industry. When legal advisers warn second and … Continue reading

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When is a cap not a cap ? When it’s really a floor.

I’ve been around the industry a long time now, and seen plenty of times its regulation is unreasonable and illogical.  But I side with the consumer on the use of the word ‘cap’ to mean ‘minimum charge’. Here’s an article … Continue reading

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Talk about tangled up ! Sorry, Voda. Your prepay contract terms don’t work.

A thread on Whirlpool about early termination fees under Vodafone mobile prepays led us into the maze of Voda’s complex contract terms.  And guess what ?  They don’t say what Voda thinks they say. It’s a great lesson to telcos … Continue reading

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